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People of Pontica – Abir Serghini

Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane to those who could not hear the music - Friedrich Nietzsche

Abir Serghini, Customer Care Advisor

My Story

Coming from a family in the business and management field, it has always been a passion of mine to follow in their footsteps coupled with a drive for adventure, Bulgaria was the perfect choice to move from Morocco.

After acquiring my Bachelor in International Business Management, Pontica Solutions was the perfect place for me, with an international team that I now consider a family. I am also inspired daily by the job I do and the people I get to help around the world.


My Motivation

The thing that motivated me the most are my colleagues. We strive to deliver the best results possible with a smile on our faces knowing that we are actually working toward a common goal and getting better and working harder than the day before.

Abir after work

My way of shutting out the world around me is picking up my pencil and my drawing pad and creating something beautiful. I also enjoy watching movies, series, and sports. And of course, going out with friends to let off steam.