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People of Pontica – Aleksandar Ivanov

Aleksandar Ivanov, Scala Developer

My Story

I grew up in Pleven, studied Computer Science at Sofia University, and started my career 6 years ago. My experience includes working in various companies and different cultures. This led me to be more critical of the choices I make. I’ve been a Java Developer most of my time but recently decided to switch to Scala. In my opinion, it’s a programming language that really works on your thinking and designing processes.

My Motivation

I always strive to learn and develop myself in order to stay ahead of the curve. The IT sector is fast-changing and you can’t expect to be relevant unless you keep yourself updated with the latest solutions, architectural designs, paradigms. The salaries are also a big motivation *wink *wink.

Aleksandar after work

Usually, I spend time with my wife. I love football – every aspect of it … playing, watching. I hate traveling abroad unless it is for a concert at a festival, which brings me to my next passion – music. I play the guitar and sing in a band that my friends and I formed.