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People of Pontica – Aleksandra Angelova

'You do not always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.'

Aleksandra Angelova, LiveOps and Support Specialist 

My Story

I have been working in Pontica Solutions for 6 months and now I am happy to be a part of a team working for Europe’s leading on-demand logistics platform. I am so happy for the opportunity I was given to learn new things, to gain more skills in different types of industries. The people, I met while working in Pontica, are amazing.

To be honest, I could say I found not only great colleagues, but very good friends.


My Motivation

I`ve never worked in the Customer Service sector before, however I could say I really enjoy it. The opportunity to help people, to answer their questions, makes me joyful. I also do think this job could teach you a lot, how to be caring, understanding and to try to do your best so that you could be helpful for someone. I truly believe I found the job I have been looking for.

Aleksandra after work

In my free time, I really like watching some documentaries and reality shows or just hanging out with friends. As a person, I can say I am funny, outgoing and adore animals. I have a cat at home, which I love so much, and it is always fun for me to play with him, when of course he is not sleeping as this is apparently his hobby.