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People of Pontica – Andon Andonov

For what is a man, what has he got. If not himself, then he has naught.-from the song 'My Way'

Andon Andonov, Content and Process Manager

My Story

I’m a person with plentiful interests, which has been both a blessing and a burden. I started my high school education with a math profile in NPMG, then moved to France where I pursued a major in Applied Linguistics with English and Japanese, as well as a dash of international trade and economics. After that I did a Master’s Degree in English Teaching, a career path which I explored for a few years, doing part-time classes in Business English at the University of Orléans.

There were a number of reasons that I decided to move from France back to Bulgaria, and a job at Pontica was one of those reasons. When I heard that there was a new project being put together for Namco Bandai, I knew it was both something I’d thoroughly enjoy and have a place to grow. So far the project has met my expectations and I’m very happy to be a part of it.

One of the things that sets this project and Pontica as a company apart from others is that management listens and ideas and suggestions are well received. Thinks sometimes take a certain time to get going, but overall things are constantly changing for the better, which is a very positive and empowering experience.

My Motivation

Having new things to learn is one of the major motivations for me, and there is no shortage of that, both from the project itself and the people around that are always willing to share their thoughts and experience. The atmosphere is positive and I’ve met many great friends and mentors. In addition the position of Process Manager feels very rewarding to me, as I love tinkering with things and finding ways to optimize them. It’s an exciting combination of analytical skills, thinking outside the established rails and a dash of creativity. The challenges are real, but that’s what makes the solutions so satisfying to find.

Andon after work

I enjoy reading, writing, playing games and meeting with friends and like-minded people. I’ve met a significant number of non-conventional people in my life, and consider these encounters part of life’s greatest treasures. The topics I’m very passionate about are transhumanism, sociology, artificial intelligence, rationalism and science and technology.