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People of Pontica – Atanas Damyanliev

Lean back and just enjoy the melodies - after all, music soothes even the savage beast.

Atanas Damyanliev, Technical Writer

My Story

I started as a Customer Support agent in one of the biggest online gaming companies in the world. After a while, I moved to a position in the Support Quality Management team, where I was responsible, among other things, for outlining operating procedures, as well as preparing guides and manuals for the Support team. This experience proved invaluable when I decided to move to a more IT-oriented position and started working as a Technical Writer in Pontica Solutions for the Mailjet project.

The position came with its own challenges, as I needed to quickly understand specifics of the software development process, get acquainted with new technologies and extensively test features before release. I’m proud of the work I did revamping Mailjet’s API documentation – it was challenging, but the result was very rewarding.

My Motivation

The best thing about working in Pontica’s Mailjet project are the people. The energetic and positive atmosphere in the team makes every working day enjoyable. But team spirit can only get you so far – and this is where the nature of the work comes in. I really like tinkering around to understand how things work and testing new features whenever they’re being released. Once you see the full picture of how things work, explaining it in a guide to users is a piece of cake.

Atanas after work

I really enjoy travelling in general and hiking in the mountains in particular. I listen to a wide range of music genres and try to attend as many concerts as possible – there’s a feeling you get at a live venue that cannot be replicated while listening to a record. At home, you can find me in the company of a good sci-fi or fantasy novel.