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The most frequently outsourced processes

Which are the best outsourcing solutions for your business depending on your objectives?

A constantly increasing number of companies are looking for different ways, such as outsourcing, to scale up quickly their business and to make it more cost-efficient. All industries are suitable for Business process outsourcing depending on their organizational needs and talent requirements.

Eastern Europe and specifically Bulgaria have the potential of growing as a market in the outsourcing industry (particularly in the ITO field) as the country has many young and capable experts and the costs for the different services are more competitive compared to the rest of the EU countries.

There are two main types of outsourcing which are tactical and strategic. Smaller to middle-sized companies could mostly benefit from tactical outsourcing partners if they want to complete a short-term project in a faster manner or have access to specific skill temporarily. In comparison, if a company is developing quickly, one could turn to strategic outsourcing as it will allow a business to go offshore instead of hiring a whole new team inhouse. This way, the quality of work is higher and there is an opportunity for competitive advantage in the industry.

The companies that target operational effectiveness, process and cost optimization could benefit from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) by outsourcing functions such as payroll and customer service. A BPO company could also provide expertise to a client with foreign languages which adds up to the international growth of the business. This will not only optimize the business’ operational expenses but will put its focus on running its core activities better.

It is a good idea for a business to take advantage of a team with centralized multilingual talent if it aims to ramp up quickly and expand internationally. Such a team of professionals will improve your Customer Experience and help you get talent on a lower cost compared to your local market experts. In addition, a company could benefit of multilingual talent if it is looking for hassle-free business operations as it would deliver better results without having to do everything inhouse.

Finding an IT outsourcing partner could be the best option if a company experiences shortage of tech specialists or would like to outsource functions such as app development which is among the most frequently outsourced processes in 2021 (up to 60% of the businesses).

At Pontica, we believe that finding the right partner is crucial for the effective work process and for the achievement of the operational goals. Our BPO and ITO experts could help you succeed in your industry, just get in touch with us!