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Pontica Solutions supports the platform “Bulgaria Wants You”

Being started earlier this year, the initiative works together with businesses and municipalities to help persuade people to stay or return to Bulgaria.

“Bulgaria Wants You” is an initiative developed by the Movement for national cause association (DNA) which aims to promote Bulgaria as a country which has the potential both for career and personal development.

The platform gives up-to-date information about the social settings, the career prospects and the quality of life on a city/region basis. It is designed in a way to persuade all the capable Bulgarians living abroad to come back, stay and build their future in their home country, surrounded by their families.

With the support of numerous partnerships with institutions and municipalities, “Bulgaria Wants You” also aims to connect the people with business opportunities all over the country as to show them that career success in Bulgaria is possible.

As one of the main partners of the initiative, we at Pontica firmly support the idea behind “Bulgaria Wants You” and believe that the capable and hard-working people will eventually find their way back to Bulgaria.