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People of Pontica – Desislav Atanasov

The only safe thing is to take a chance.

Desislav Atanasov, Travel Coordinator

My Story

Last summer I decided to move to Sofia for a while and to work harder on my personal development. I was looking for a steady job, so I started working at Pontica. Before that I worked in many different companies at various positions – third assistant director or production assistant in TV series, director/producer in some of my own film projects. I have experience as a bartender and worked on cruise river ships, travelling around Europe. First I used to study Computer Science in the German faculty of the TU-Sofia, I got a degree in engineering and I am currently taking courses in film directing.​


My Motivation

Honestly, I joined Pontica accidentally. When I came to the interview I liked the atmosphere and the people. I had some other offers, but I really liked this company and that is how I became part of the Talixo team. 

Desislav after work

I am very interested in movie making, so I enjoy spending my time in the small art cinema houses in the city – watching movies or working on my own projects. I also like nature, hiking, travelling and taking pictures.