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People of Pontica – Donika Stancheva

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito.

Donika Stancheva, Merchant Service Advisor with Portuguese

My Story

The will to learn more languages brought me here. Currently, I’m doing my Master’s degree at Sofia University. However, despite my lack of professional experience and my busy schedule at university, I found an opportunity at Pontica, where I can combine both, learn new things every day and practice my language skills as well. 7 months ago, I started working for one of the biggest e-wallet companies and since then, I have to admit I have learned a lot, not only at work but in general.

My Motivation

Combining professional development and stable education is a great start. However, if we want to grow, I think, we will need to spend more time with people with different visions and cultures. The people I have met inspire me on a daily basis and motivate me to do better. At Pontica you can share knowledge, discuss anything with your colleagues or simply laugh. I have it all.

Donika after work

As I love long walks in nature, after work you can find me in the nearest park with my headphones on full blast. I enjoy reading, watching movies and simply spending time with my friends. The balance between dynamic working days and calm personal life keeps me going.