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People of Pontica – Elena Popova

The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances.

Elena Popova, Team Manager

My Story

Customer service has been the core of my career all along – while in university, I worked as a part-time Customer support consultant with German and English dealing with different customers and providing the best possible customer experience, after less than a year I gained the promotion to Subject Matter Expert with German and six months later I was promoted to Quality Assurance Specialist with German. The good quality of work I demonstrated helped me to get to the next level – Quality Assurance Manager. I have been working as a Quality Assurance Manager for the past two years. After nearly 3 years in QA and almost 6 years in Customer care, I decided to leave my position as a QA Manager, and this is where my Pontica story began. Now I am working with great people and I am glad to be part of the Pontica family 😊

My Motivation

I think that motivation is everywhere and when people are inspired to do great things, great things happen and now when telling my story I remain grateful to my managers and team for all the support and confidence in my abilities – this is what motivates me every day.

Elena after work

I can say that I am an organized person and I am productive even before work starts. I go swimming twice a week – it’s really weird because I am not a good swimmer (I am a very bad swimmer to be honest, but the goal is to become a good one) and I go once or twice a week to the gym and I usually run – I like running because it is a great way to test my limits. After work, I normally have dinner with my boyfriend (I also like cooking) or cuddle up with my cat which is the best way to reduce stress (happy) * I often go out with friends or attend different cultural events. Apart from what I do before and after work, I love traveling because there is always something new to taste 😊