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People of Pontica – Georges Hache

All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking. - Nietzsche

Georges Hache, Customer Success Manager

My Story

After more than a decade in the Tourism Industry both in France and Scotland, I switched to the IT industry when moving to Bulgaria. Pontica Solutions helped me take the step up into account management in this Industry. The project I work in, is great for someone who enjoys handling a wide variety of tasks for different clients with different expectations and needs.  Of course, this comes with its challenges, but that’s part of the fun.

My Motivation

I enjoy being challenged at work as complexity is a big source of motivation for me. However, a friendly and comfortable work environment is (just like the Swiss National Flag), a big “+”.

Georges after work

As a father and dog owner, a big amount of my “free” time is keeping things rolling and working on terrible “dad jokes”.  On my “me” time, I’m quite keen (obsessed) in Rugby. I play it (at a very low level) and travel back home (to Scotland and France) regularly to view games live. I enjoy being out of the city and will try to take my dogs on long walks. I also love “History” and spend quite a lot of my social time discussing Historic and Social issues, sometimes with the help of a glass of Whisky.