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How does the increasing digitalization benefit the BPO industry?

Automation helps companies optimize their processes and improve their customer experience.

The world is going digital, and the digital transformation of companies is crucial for them to move forward and adapt on the market especially in times of crisis such as the Covid-19. Therefore, businesses are becoming digitally oriented to reduce the impact of the pandemic. With industries being disrupted and companies still having most of their employees work from home, the pandemic has sped up the digitalization which has led to increased tech expenses due to investments in analytics, cloud computing, social media, and AI.  

However, these have their benefits. In times of pandemic and regular lockdowns, while some BPOs had to deal with layoffs, others saw opportunities in the crisis and acquired new talent force and clients. Despite the challenging 2020, the Bulgarian knowledge industry has employed more than 80,000 people which is a gradual increase from the previous 2019.

The digitalization has transformed various industries along with the BPO sector. BPO providers are now relying more on streamlining processes to get rid of irrelevant tasks as to improve the efficiency of their operations. Emphasizing on such process automation leads to optimization, lower costs, and less errors. Additionally, the digitalized transformation adds additional value to businesses and provides opportunity for future profit and growth.

The business process outsourcing will continue changing during 2021 because of new trends and technologies such as big data and analytics which earn companies a competitive advantage. By collecting information from analytics, companies could predict behaviors and therefore improve both the solutions they offer and their customers’ experience.

With employees’ homes being the new offices during the current pandemic situation, data security and privacy have been major concerns of companies. Cloud systems are widely used for security reasons as they are fast to access and minimize risks from losing any data. Such technology also provides an easy and hassle-free communication in times of remote working which benefits the BPOs and their teams.

AI is another newly emerging trend which is predicted to be in demand and change the knowledge industry. If implemented, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation will result in quick and errorless work completion along with lower costs for companies. As technology steps in, this will transform the way businesses operate and will lead to new innovative solutions.

The future success of the BPO industry lies upon companies’ resilience and their ability to keep up with technology as to smoothly deliver their services to clients and to achieve high customer satisfaction. We at Pontica could help your business reach its full potential if you get in touch with us.