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How to create added value in outsourcing?

Digitalization and AI tools help enhance the solutions businesses offer

As Covid-19 is said to have sped up the adoption of digital tools, outsourcing companies have been facing new challenges in creating value-based solutions and maintaining high customer satisfaction. Consumer behavior also changes along with the altering business environment. Therefore, understanding the pain points is crucial to having systems that add value to customers. Some of the major issues outsourcing companies are facing include high turnover and disconnected systems, according to a 2021 Customer Contact Week (CCW) Market Study. More specifically, more than 50% of contact centers claim that their tools are fragmented which affects the workers’ effectiveness and the customers’ satisfaction.

Some of the key trends related to the creation of added value in outsourcing include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Expected to be prioritized by companies operating within the Knowledge Industry, because it could handle tasks such as customer support in a faster and more accurate manner than people. According to the same CCW Study, more than 40% of companies think that the use of AI such as chatbots, along with the creation of smooth and seamless experiences across all platforms, should be prioritized by vendor companies to add extra value to the solutions they offer to clients.
  • Digital enhancements – As customers are still not entirely satisfied with their online interactions with companies, creating a strategy that will increase customers’ convenience will enhance their experience and create extra value. Adding more channel options and resources to these channels will increase availability and will ultimately lead to more comfort for the user. Such improvements can be implemented to take your CX a level up.
  • Omnichannel customer service – As the 2021 CCW Study has found out, disconnected channels cause some of the biggest problems to customer support. Different teams experience troubles coordinating their processes, and therefore companies fail to deliver consistent and valuable assistance across numerous channels. Thus, when outsourcing customer service, companies should choose a vendor that uses an omnichannel approach to assure the support of customers across all platforms that work as one.

Overall, working with an outsourcing vendor that adapts its solutions based on the new trends and the transforming business environment, is essential for long-term success. By partnering with us at Pontica, we ensure quality facilitating of your business operations.