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People of Pontica – Hristo Smolenov

A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.

Hristo Smolenov, Travel Coordinator

My Story

I took up a bachelor’s degree in advertising and media relations in Sofia University.
After finishing my studies I developed a passion for advertising and account management, hence why I joined a 1-year internship program at a well-known advertising agency. Even though the internship helped me acquire valuable skills and industry know-how, there simply weren’t enough young and like-minded people with whom one could achieve a meaningful collaboration on certain projects. I wanted to find a place where outgoing and enthusiastic people gathered, so the next logical step was Pontica Solutions.
Currently, I’m working as a travel coordinator for a German-Polish startup which offers customers the opportunity to book a private transfer in a very convenient and flexible way.


My Motivation

For me, the biggest incentive that drives me to do a terrific job are two simple words, verbalized from the customer: ‘Thank you’.
I honestly believe that the customers that use our service are one of the most polite and well-spoken I’ve ever encountered. The instances in which I was forced to deal with an angry or confrontational customer are such a rarity that we might as well not mention them. One of the challenges of the job is to always try and stay upbeat and exuberant while dealing with customers, partners, etc. It’s easy for a person that works at a full-time job to get tired and to fall victim to mood swings. However, I constantly think of ways to elevate my energy levels.

Hristo after work

In my spare time, I often read books, keep track of the video game industry and pursue various sporting activities like soccer and skiing. Apart from that, I’m a passionate fan of movies and always challenge myself by watching at least 3-5 not so popular movies (the ones that don’t get mentioned frequently in the media) each month. This is my way of broadening my worldview and exposing myself to new cultures and ideas.