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People of Pontica – Iliyana Mircheva

The best way to rise is by lifting others.

Iliyana MirchevaRecruitment Specialist

My Story

My passion for Human Resources originated four years ago when I began studying HR Management in the John Molson School of business in Montreal Canada and working in parallel for the career center of the university. I discovered that helping people discover and thrive in their dream occupation is incredibly rewarding and challenging. Since then, I have had the chance to work as a talent acquisition specialist in top recruitment agencies and for the largest private employer in Canada. At the same time, I also did consulting work for startups, students and professionals in recruitment strategy, employer branding, career orientation, etc.

Less than a year ago, having realized for some time that Canada is not my spot and having gained the work experience and education I needed, I decided to move back to Bulgaria. This decision was motivated by the increasingly attractive work opportunities available in Bulgaria for young professionals with my background and by nature, family, culture, and lifestyle that I was missing in Canada. Coming back,  I landed on a job ad from Pontica. After researching the company and interviewing, I knew it was just the place I was looking for! The passion and expertise of the co-directors, the diverse and open-minded team, the startup vibe and the opportunities for development in a young organization got me hooked. Since I joined Pontica, I can say I have never been in a team where I have had such crazy laughs, such a wide smile in the morning and so many challenging projects.

My Motivation

My inspiration comes from so many directions at Pontica: bringing together teams who are a match made in heaven, working in an international and friendly environment with cool people, having managers who constantly push me to become a better version of myself and recognize my work and last but not least, an unlimited amount of delicious frappés.

Iliyana after work

After work, you can find me discovering Sofia’s cultural scene, unique restaurants and underground bars with new and old friends. I am passionate about learning and teaching foreign languages (proud to say I speak five currently 😊 ) so you can often bump into me at language exchange events. Reading, fishing, hiking, quilting, dance classes and travelling are some of the other ways I like to spend my free time.