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People of Pontica – Ivan Ganev

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Ivan Ganev, Training Coordinator

My Story

When I was in high school, I had to decide whether to follow my brother in France or stay here in Bulgaria. So, I made my decision to go abroad, knowing that I would return home as a more experienced person. When I started learning French, I fell in love with it. Then I started studying at university while working. I have worked in restaurants and fast food chains (I used to eat McDonald’s for three years and I’m still alive :D). During my stay in France I gained invaluable experience and grew as a person and as a professional.


My Motivation

When I returned to Bulgaria, I wanted to start a job in a pleasant and welcoming place, with positive and ambitious young people. I wanted to work for people who value my skills and my work. People who are always there to support me. So, after working in several companies in the BPO sector, I finally found that place – Pontica. Here I have not only colleagues but also friends.

Ivan after work

In my spare time, I try to play football with colleagues and friends. I usually run in the park (but I admit it hasn’t happened to me in a long time). I am an activist who is interested in the political life in Bulgaria and I always try to participate and support various causes. Of course, I also enjoy spending time with my family and my beloved girl.