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People of Pontica – Ivan Gospodinov

You have to change to stay the same.

Ivan Gospodinov, Account Manager

My Story

I graduated with an MA degree from Leiden University, majoring in Modern Middle Eastern Studies and interned and eventually worked for a couple of years as an Editor for a Dutch/International news company where I was responsible for their Middle Eastern political section. At one point I decided that I need a new challenge…so I quit my job, sold most of my belongings and bought a one-way ticket to Malaysia. That ticket resulted in a 7-month-long backpacking, hitchhiking, camping and all that fun stuff, journey across Asia. All-in-all I visited a total of 15 countries before I came back to Bulgaria at the end of 2016. I started working almost immediately and eventually, through a friend of mine I got in touch with Evgeni. After an interview with him, I joined Pontica. The company was significantly smaller back then with no more than 20 people working on various projects. After working for several months, I was offered to become an Account Manager for Mailjet. My position envisions for me to be the primary source of contact and communication between the English-speaking market and Mailjet. I was also recently included in the Customer Solutions API team.

My Motivation

I love the team that I am a part of. It is a perfect example of people with various backgrounds and interest coming together and fostering a bond that transcends the office and spills over into our personal lives. I can also say that having different work-related challenges on an almost daily basis is quite motivating.

Ivan after work

The thing that occupies most of my free time is sport, in various forms and shapes. I like to work out before I get to the office in the morning and some days fit in a work out in the evening as well. Other than that, I like to read books, also every morning and evening and of course spend some quality time with friends and family. I like doing the occasional strange thing, such as cycling from Sofia to the Rila Lakes (about 90km) on New Year’s Eve and camping up there for the night.