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People of Pontica – Jordan Kesov

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. - Jack London

Jordan Kesov, PHP Developer

My Story

My IT journey started 14 years ago when I was studying Marketing at the University. I had an IT exam but had not been attending the lectures. Fortunately, someone told me that if I develop a website, I’ll pass the exam. I thought I had enough time and I wanted to learn how websites work. So, I started from scratch step by step – with Flash, HTML, then I found PHP and MySQL and soon I started working for the University IT Directorate.
For all these 14 years, it was hard to find the best place to work and as a result, I changed lots of companies with short-term projects. Then, in 2018 a friend of mine recommended me Pontica Solutions and its client Mailjet as a good place to work with a great team and project to work for. I tried it and currently, I’m so excited to be part of Pontica and Mailjet.

My Motivation

I really love my job and the things I’m doing for Pontica and Mailjet. They give me the best working conditions and opportunities to improve my personal and professional skills. I’m glad to be part of such a good company with such an amazing team.

Jordan after work

I’m a sportsman keen on winter sports, mountains, rock climbing and a big fan of music, dance, opera, and theatre. I love to read books and my favorite writer is Jack London. I think I have his books in 8 different languages and I enjoy reading them no matter if I’m familiar with the language or not. It’s like a game 🙂 I also play board games with my friends and discuss socioeconomic topics.