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People of Pontica – Kamelia Todorova

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

Kamelia Todorova, Merchant Service Advisor with Portuguese

My Story

After 5 years in the BPO environment, I was curious about what else I may find in this multilingual and colorful field. The first thing that caught my attention about Pontica Solutions was the office and I decided to apply for a position that I believed will suit me. I was impressed by the HR’s approach- I had a smiling and very polite person in front of me and as I believe that the HR is the true face of the company, I felt calm and on the right path. The other strong fact that made me want to work for Pontica Solutions was that two of the company’s founders had been working for the company where I came from- it’s always good to know that you will have familiar faces. In my project I met great people coming from different countries and speaking different languages but laughing is the same in every language. The project is interesting and although it is responsible, there`s zero stress.

My Motivation

The thing that inspires me the most is the opportunity to learn and grow and maybe the fact that I’m working for a company whose motto is ‘We grow together’ is not coincidental 🙂

Kamelia after work

I dedicate almost all my free time to my favorite sport and biggest love-pole dancing. Many people underestimate how hard it is, but it is actually the female version of the street fitness. This is the sport that made me stronger (physically and mentally) and inspires me with its magic every single day. I also steal free time for my beloved people and books- I’m a big lover of historical books and I’m always ready to read something about any Great head of state, leader and dictator.