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People of Pontica – Kameliya Atanasova

'Do what you love and you will never have a problem with Mondays.'

Kameliya Atanasova, Talent Acquisition ManagerĀ 

My Story

After spending part of my childhood in the US I came back to Bulgaria with my family to finish my high-school degree. After that, I went abroad again, this time alone and in the UK for a BA in Business Administration. I can honestly say I counted the days to come back home, and as soon as I did I started an internship in an advertising agency that turned into almost three years and a full-time position. My journey at Pontica started by meeting the founders and I have been with the company for 2 years now. Although, building an employer brand from scratch and attracting the right people is definitely a challenge, especially in such a competitive market, I can definitely say I have made the right decision for my career.


My Motivation

Working at Pontica feels a lot like family and we have managed to build an amazing team, proving its worth during harsh times. Ivan and Evgeni not only motivate me but they know how to bring the best of us all. Being a mid-sized company comes with its challenges, but it also has its perks, allowing us to be creative when dealing with difficulties.

Kameliya after work

After a long and tiring day, you can usually find me spending time with friends or enjoying a nice dinner, I am definitely a foodaholic. On my off days, I will always start with a cup of my preferred coffee, enjoying a nice long walk along the bustling streets and finishing up with a pilates session.