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People of Pontica – Metodi Mitkov

Perfection is a habit.

Metodi Mitkov, Gaming Advisor with German

My Story

I was born in Haskovo, however, I grew up in Sofia and I have lived all my life here. I finished high school and shortly after that I started looking for my first job. This is when I saw the Bandai Namco job in Pontica and immediately decided to opt in, because I am an avid gamer and I was already familiar and in love with some of their games. Another reason is that my dream is to study in Germany one day and this was a good opportunity to continue improving my language skills. I am extremely happy that I am participating in the Bandai Namco project! =)

My Motivation

My colleagues are amazing, and I am motivated by the friendly and casual atmosphere in the project. The other motivation for me is the love for video games!

Metodi after work

Aside from playing video games in my free time, I love playing the guitar, practicing martial arts and trying out different sports. Meeting with my friends in my free time is also very important for me. I also love reading sci-fi books and taking long walks outside.