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People of Pontica – Monika Bodenska

All things strive.

Monika Bodenska, Data Analyst

My Story

After graduating from the German high school in Sofia, I studied Computer Science at the German faculty of TU (Technical University) Sofia and did my Master’s degree in Economics in Germany. And after a career fair for German graduates, surprisingly, I started working for a French company. The thing in common seems to be ‘German’, but it is in fact – databases. This is what brought me to Pontica. Now, I work with large amounts of data and provide extracts and reports for the different departments of our client – a leading email service provider. Everyone needs data and in fact, it’s the best way to meet people from different departments and to be familiar with the company’s operations.

My Motivation

The environment is very dynamic; you have to keep up and move things forward. My tasks come from different areas: customer care, product team, accounting, and marketing. I deal with new topics every day and think about what would be the best approach to provide accurate and useful information. The way I see it: I ‘walk’ through the data maze, solve puzzles (e.g. tasks) and learn something new.

Monika after work

I relax while I’m baking or walking in parks in the city or in the mountains. Sometimes, I prefer to chill with a good series, a book or a manga. I like all Japanese things and enjoy hearing stories about Japan so I can be prepared for my visit someday.