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Multichannel Customer Solutions

Having engaged, paying customers is crucial for all businesses regardless of the industry of activities. In order to achieve that, one needs to constantly develop his product or services, but also treat his customers with care and attention.

We believe that having our clients concentrate 100% on their product and strategy and trusting Pontica Solutions to handle part of their operations and customer care is the best formula for success.

Our mission and main scope of activity is to facilitate your company`s operations. We can share our expertise in the field and help with one or all of the below:

  • analyse your company`s operational needs and create a tailored solution to guarantee high quality and customer satisfaction;
  • design the best structure that will fit your business;
  • implement the agreed design and set up the processes and procedures;
  • select and recruit the right profiles for your operations;
  • manage all operations to guarantee highest level of organizational and performance excellence;
  • performance reviews/voice of the customer: report and analyse results together with your organization that will lead to process and performance improvement and optimization.
Multichannel Customer Solutions 1
Multichannel Customer Solutions

Your customers can reach out in many ways and you must be quick in responding, consistent throughout different channels and of course helpful, so your customers can be happy. Our list of multichannel customer solutions includes:

  • Multilingual, Multichannel Customer Support;
  • Multilingual Players support;
  • Remote Technical Support;
  • VIP Customer care;
  • Customer Success management
  • Social Media Monitoring & Analysis;
  • Social Media Engagement.

The customer service has evolved a lot in the past 5 years and the bar for retaining customers is so high, that nowadays we are talking more about Voice of the customer, constantly improving services, Customer satisfaction and omni channel presence than high productivity and availability. We at Pontica have the whole package so you don`t need to compromise the service level if you also want to have analysis on the voice of your customers.

We take ownership of the operations and even proactively contact customers to ensure amazing CSAT levels, customer acquisition and loyalty. Our team members are fluent in more than 30 languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We are constantly improving our services through variety of trainings, development programs and coaching.

Our clients, world top gaming and technology companies, e-commerce & retail and service providers, have already taken advantage of our expert multichannel customer solutions and are happy with our efficient, knowledgeable support setup. Contact us for more details.