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People of Pontica – Natali Stoyanova

Une belle femme plaît aux yeux, une bonne femme plaît au coeur ; l'une est un bijou, l'autre un trésor.

Natali Stoyanova, Training Coordinator

My Story

After completing my French philology studies at Sofia University and working in a call center for a while, I decided that I have gained enough experience to change my workplace. The Pontica Team provided exactly what I was searching for a motivating environment and extremely positive people; a place where you can be yourself and of course to have the possibility to show the best in you. Every day is colorful, filled with various emotions. The atmosphere is far from just pleasant, the people are happy and there are tons of events and good causes to join. 🙂


My Motivation

Every day spent here is a day I learn something new. The most important for me is that I have the opportunity to be helpful and to actually assist my clients, as well as my colleagues. I put my efforts in making every day better than the previous one. My motivation is to prove to everyone around me and to myself, what I am capable of and how I can grow both personally and professionally. Pontica is just the place to put my ambitions in. The most important is to complete my tasks in time so everyone will be happy with a job well done.

Natali after work

After work, I try to rest, whereas rest can mean a lot of different things. I chill out while cooking (mainly sweet things) – cakes, muffins, cupcakes. However, it is important to be in good shape, moreover, I am working in an office and exercising in my free time is quite important. I am combining my office days with a bit of Pilates, which helps me get rid of the stress and find my inner peace. Last but not least,  I love spending time with my friends and loved ones. I believe the best way to rest and be with yourself is with a good book. The peace and quite accompanying the reading is one of the fastest ways to get away from everything. And of course, like every book-reader/adventurist, I love traveling- I believe the best way to meet new people, see new places, embrace new cultures is by traveling.