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People of Pontica – Nevena Markova

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Nevena Markova, Recruitment Specialist

My Story

After living in Alicante, Spain, for 6 years, during which I finished my European Baccalaureate at the European School of Alicante, I decided to come back to my country. Consequently, I got my second Bachelor in Spanish Philology. I am currently enrolled in my Master’s degree in Economics and Finances, still at Sofia University, and I am close to adding another diploma to my academic CV. Parallel to my studies, I worked at the Spanish Cultural Institute (Instituto Cervantes). However, at a career event, I was drawn to the young, vibrant and dynamic environment that Pontica offers and I decided to make a big change.

My Motivation

Pontica gives me the opportunity to practice and further develop my Spanish and French skills. At the same time, I meet with a wide variety of people, each with a unique skill set and profile. All of that along with the wonderful atmosphere and colleagues in the recruitment team, which I have become very close with on a personal level, makes working at Pontica an experience I cherish very much.

Nevena after work

My time after work is almost entirely dedicated to my amazing little daughter. Every moment with her is absolutely soul-filling. The rest of my time is spent on going to lectures and of course studying for my finals, and some friends from time to time, of course.