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People of Pontica – Nicole Paraskova

Hakuna Matata 🙂

Nicole Paraskova, PHP Developer

My Story

My IT voyage started in 2013 when I arrived in Sofia with a ‘suitcase and a dream’ (yes, just like in the song, except I had a lot more suitcases) and I started studying Computing and Software Engineering at the Technical University. Two years later, I took an intensive PHP programming course a.k.a. training camp, which was held and organized by the cool guys from IT Talents, which now Pontica Solutions has a partnership with. Immediately after I survived the camp, my career took straight off the ground as I started working for one of IT Talents’ major partners – a fintech company in the finance sector, dealing with a great number of clients all over the world. Then, after another two and a half years, a friend of mine told me about Pontica Solutions and the projects they are working on. I applied and since the end of 2018, I’m really happy to be bragging to my friends that I’m a part of two great companies – Pontica Solutions and the super popular Mailjet.

My Motivation

What really excites me is that I have the opportunity to work in a challenging and fast-paced environment. My daily tasks come from lots of areas: business, finance, marketing, customer care, etc. This plays a lead role in improving my personal and professional skills, coupled with the opportunity to work with successful and cool people.

Nicole after work

I’m an artsy-craftsy girl and my greatest hobby is drawing – digitally or by hand. Recently I got my Master’s Degree in Graphic and Web Design but I usually don’t stop with just painting – photography, video editing, marketing, creation of engaging content, blogging and designing handmade things for myself and friends are just some of my interests. When I’m not doing any of the things mentioned, you can find me exploring and strolling around the city, or you probably won’t find me at all, because I try to travel abroad as much as I can. I can keep going on but I’m sure you got the idea of me 🙂