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People of Pontica – Ognyan Stavrev

What is an anarchist? One who, choosing, accepts the responsibility of choice.

Ognyan Stavrev, Technical Expert

My Story

Since my school days, I was pretty interested in IT. I used to help most of my friends who had issues with their hardware/software. I have always desired to become part of the videogame industry. After my graduation, I officially entered the IT industry, and at a certain point between jobs, I even took a course in videogames development. At first, I joined Pontica as a System Administrator, where I grew even more on a personal level. Then, almost a year and a half later the opportunity knocked as I was invited by the Bandai Namco team to join them as a Technical Expert. The rest is dream come true, being part of a team for such a big videogame publisher and developer.

My Motivation

I always had the habit of helping people around, which had always been my main motivation. I know that there are lots of people out there who need help and I want to provide it. So, on my position, I feel happy that I can help people experiencing issues, related to our products and to be able to give feedback to the developers, which will help to improve our products for everyone who uses them. One of the best things is that I’m part of a very supportive young team, which is making the work easy and nice. We often have fun organizing Tekken 7 competitions and relaxing in the office lunch area.

Ognyan after work

Usually, due to my helping nature (and the connections I have), I’m often part of organizations and preparations for all kinds of cultural events- festivals, concerts, theatrical acts, and art exhibitions. This, of course, is a very long and energy-draining process, after which I like to relax at home by playing videogames with my girlfriend and being surrounded by my cats when I have the opportunity. I also like to play string musical instruments (mostly folklore oriented), go camping and hiking in the mountains, and to cook delicious things on the grill.