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People of Pontica – Pavel Novak

Don't sit wishing and praying for something, stand up for it.

Pavel Novak, Merchant Service Advisor with Polish

My Story

During my time at the university, I had the chance to take part in several European Youth projects and trainings. Due to that and the fact that I am half Bulgarian, half Polish, I decided to start a Ph.D. in Pedagogy, the topic of which led me to European Voluntary Service in Poland for almost a year. The environment and the diversity of the people with whom I lived and met, especially one person, forever changed my perspective and ‘plans’. Once back, I decided it was time for a change and started looking for a job that would combine both a diverse, different cultural environment and interesting work tasks involving multitude of languages. I was lucky enough to be contacted about a position with Polish for a leading e-wallet company here at Pontica, and I must say that the past 8 months have been both eventful and educational.

My Motivation

In addition to my professional tasks that are quite diverse, it’s the working environment, cozy atmosphere, and my teammates that really hype me up. I enjoy spending time with people with different points of view, interests and cultural backgrounds.

Pavel after work

I usually tend to be on the ‘geeky’ side when it comes to how I spend my free time. Most often I would be hooked on fantasy series or on some old-school board/card games. When not having a blast in ‘the world of magic’, I enjoy spending my time with my closest people and my best friends, usually walking without a clear direction through the city. For me, the key is to find fun ways to get out of your daily routine and recharge your energy.