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People of Pontica – Ada Atanasova

Pippi doesn’t live by anyone’s rules but her own, and she’s perfectly fine with being a little different.

Ada Atanasova, Client Success Specialist Stuart

My Story

At Pontica my contract is on four hours, but I would do my job even more often, if only I had the time. For me Pontica is a super employer – my team leads are cool and helpful, my colleagues are just amazing. At this company, I have the opportunity to contribute with my opinion and action where needed. The client we work for, Stuart, brings so much fun. I would gladly recommend to all my friends to start working at Pontica as it’s chill and provides opportunities for development when you are ready to grow!


My Motivation

When I work, I like to collaborate. A cool team and home office is what inspires me the most! Small rewards and a nice schedule – as well.

Ada after work

I am basically a hyperactive hummingbird. I have a Bachelor in Psychology and I have almost finished with my masters’ in Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. I also just got my teaching permission for Philosophical studies. I used to hate school as a teenager, but later on I started to love it. In addition to studying, my close friends and I are developing a start-up Chinese language school called EduLab.

When I’m not working and studying (which seems rare looking at the previous paragraph, but it happens quite often as I’m an amazing procrastinator), I love to welcome guests at home, to cook and to enjoy some good wine. I also love to sleep. A lot. Interior design and puzzles are my small hobbies that have a huge space in my heart.