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People of Pontica – Atanas Alexandrov

The desire to know your own self will end all other desires.

Atanas Alexandrov, Customer Care Advisor Elvie

My Story

After being informed that I will be suspended from my previous job due to COVID-19, I applied to several jobs and so I started working in Pontica as a Customer Care Advisor at Elvie. Elvie is a health-tech startup which aims to improve women’s lives by creating solutions using smarter technology.

Previously I have been managing the internal processes of a company that designs, manufactures and sells clothes. I was also creating their websites and stores on platforms and managing the social media presence. I have been working in direct selling for a USA company related to sales for 2 years as well. I have also been actively participating in a couple of youth NGO’s.


My Motivation

What motivates me is geometry, art, the cosmos, the nature and the humans.

Atanas after work

I do presentations to people, related to offgrid living. I also read plenty of books and do volunteering. I enjoy traveling which makes me fall in love with Bulgaria. I am currently developing the vision of my foundation and business ideas.