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People of Pontica – Bogdanka Georgieva

I Destroy worlds...I Create worlds...

Bogdanka GeorgievaProduct Marketing Associate

My Story

I’m like the two sides of a coin. My interests are quite a lot and quite diverse. You see… I can’t be just one thing, I want to be everything! Ever since I was little, I loved creating new worlds and ideas. This is why I went for programming — to create small virtual worlds. Originally I graduated Industrial management in the field of Computer Science and worked as a developer. I used to get scolded a lot for having too many, different interests. I used to give art classes, organize exclusive parties for one club and designed a lot as a freelancer in my spare time. And I’ve always had a huge passion for psychology and writing short stories. I started going to one really good entrepreneurial course and developed a few startups. It was exactly there that all my chaotic interests suddenly collided and I found myself totally in love with digital marketing and branding. So, from virtual worlds I started creating brand worlds. I have a certain pattern in growing in a particular interest and what was offered to me by Pontica was an exact match. I found a really cool and fun project where I could develop my skills even further.

My Motivation

I get really inspired by new and diverse people, colorful souls as I like to call them. I love my team as well as the people from other projects we have here. Pontica gathered a pretty cool team of experienced professionals with great personality. It’s really nice when you enter the office in the morning and a bunch of widely smiling, positive people greet you warmly.

Bogi after work

If you don’t find me in the closest forest, I am definitely wandering around Belogradchik and the nearby caves. I relax by drawing and writing in my free time. The thing I love the most though is spending some quality time with my family, fiancé and my dog — Ares.