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People of Pontica – Dayana Kostova

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Dayana Kostova, Customer Support Expert

My Story

I am working as Customer Support Expert with English in Pontica Solutions, team Varna. My working journey started at the age of 17. Most of my experience is abroad – in Spain and Germany. I have tried different positions in different spheres – from tourism to e-commerce, to working as a cook, to language school administration and now customer support.


My Motivation

My motivation is my future. I love learning and trying new things. In fact everything can give me motivation. To see how the world and the surrounding society are progressing would be enough. Powerful women like late Princess Diana, Hwasa and Eva Longoria inspire me.

Dayana after work

Out of work I am a full-time mother to a gorgeous puppy. I adore books, this is the thing that I can spend my last money on. I love camping, riding canoe, kayaking, traveling and painting. Despite the calm hobbies I love everything that includes adrenalin like heights and speed.