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People of Pontica – Gabriela Pencheva

It is in the roots, not the branches, that a tree's greatest strength lies.

Gabriela Pencheva, Client Success Expert with FR

My Story

I am currently working in the Stuart project. I joined it at the beginning of this year and since then I am nothing but happy to be part of this team. My biggest achievement is getting to know each and every person in the French team as I feel that, despite the small misunderstandings, we have the warmest and friendliest work environment. I decided to join Pontica because this was the workplace which was mostly matching my idea of a trustworthy company in Bulgaria. When they called me after the interview, I had felt very relieved to hear that we were on the same path.

Just a little background about myself, I have been raised in Veliko Tarnovo and graduated from the language high school in town. Then, I worked for one summer season on a river cruise ship in France in order to finance my university-related fees. After this, I was simultaneously studying and I did several internships again in France. My settling in Bulgaria has been a forced Covid related decision, however, now I feel like it has come out to be one of my best.


My Motivation

From an early age, I have been told that one should always take the important decisions in life by themselves, independently and by free will. Even when I asked for help, my mother always used to tell me that it was my choices that were meant to determine my future and she would always be there for me to make me see my strong and weak sides. Thus, it was not up to her where I should study, for example, or what dreams to pursue. Thanks to this I have grown to be my biggest motivation which keeps me going, no matter what, where or who.

Gabriela after work

The thing I love the most, and unfortunately, I’ve been doing less often lately, is sports. In high school, I had been training athletics for around 7 years. I have been once second and two times third in Bulgaria in the discipline heptathlon. Not that big of a deal, however due to an injury I have decided that in the long run it would have been a better idea to stop. Today, I am doing sports only for fun, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle.