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People of Pontica – Galena Alipieva

Indolence is sweet, and its consequence bitter

Galena Alipieva, Back Office Specialist

My Story

My journey started as an English teacher. After a while I decided to expand and develop additional skills, and ventured into the sphere of Customer Service at a different company. I had heard of Pontica before from close friends who were very happy here, so when a position opened up I jumped at the opportunity to apply. Then, in March 2020 I finally joined the Pontica family and am currently a Back Office Specialist at the most recent project I work for. It has been a fun adventure so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

My Motivation 

What inspires me most is the constant opportunity each day gives us to learn something new and grow. I also strive to see the beauty of the world instead of focusing on the negative, and to appreciate the moment instead of just hurrying through it.

Galena after work

In my free time I knit, read, and spend time with my friends and family. I still teach, as it is one of my greatest passions, and just as my students learn from me, I learn from them as well. I also make handmade jewelry from stainless steel and gemstones, which always brings me joy.