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People of Pontica – Ivo Filchev

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Ivo Filchev, Client Success Expert

My Story

I have been working a lot of different types of jobs. I used to be a beginner car mechanic and I liked it a lot, but it was not a job that I could combine with my education. I decided to join the Stuart project spontaneously because I saw the job offer and I liked the idea to work with a team full of young and open-minded people.


My Motivation

I am very happy to be part of my team. I made a lot of new friends after I joined Pontica. Together we face new challenges every day and I feel pretty excited to deal with them. As I have never worked in the outsourcing industry before, I am very happy to develop new skills.

Ivo after work

After work I am spending my time working out, sailing and riding my motorbike. Also, I am often going out and travelling with friends.