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People of Pontica – Konstantin Gechev

“The arena, the field of battle, the site where the fight actually takes place is our own heart and all our inner man. The time of battle is our whole life.'' - Saint Nicodemus the Hagiorite

Konstantin Gechev, Client Success Specialist with English and German

My Story

It’s been a few years since I gave up theater. I’m still trying to find a new direction in my career. Selling popcorn at a Christmas market in Germany, signing up for a graphic design course and playing in a movie were some of the things I tried in the meantime. A step forward was joining Pontica. The project I work for is Elvie. Not only I met some very nice people, but I can see where my weaknesses are on a daily basis. Which can be used for the real life.


My Motivation

When I have a lot of work it’s easy to forget that helping people is my main goal as customer care representative. But if I tune myself to that frequency it’s actually a very nice feeling. To learn new skills and see an improvement in my weaknesses is also a great motivation for me. Or of course having a chat with my colleagues, that definitely keeps me going.

Konstantin after work

I love spending time with my wife and son as well as reading books (mostly history and biographies).