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People of Pontica – Marieta Kurteva

Don’t be afraid of the new and the unknown, as most of the time it may turn out to be your moment to “shine”!

Marieta Kurteva, Shift Leader

My Story

I am part of Pontica Solutions’ family since the opening of their office in Varna, I have found this amazing team in not so pleasant moment for me. I was going to spend my second summer in the USA, but as of the pandemic, my plans did not went the way I wanted to. Even though this was my first job in the BPO industry and it was a big challenge for me, the people I met and the new things I learned made me stay in this company, and I celebrated my first year anniversary at Pontica last month.


My Motivation

The kindness of the people, as no matter what you struggle with, there is always the person who “gives you the light in the tunnel”.  

Marieta after work

My passion will always be the Bulgarian folk dances. In my free time, you can find me near the sea with a cocktail and in the company of friends. In the rainy afternoon I love to read books and for a bit long vacations – to travel and visit new places.