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People of Pontica – Martina Nikolova

It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read.

Martina Nikolova, Recruitment Specialist

My Story

For the past 5 years I lived away from my beloved Varna, in the south of France. I completed my studies there and I had the chance to gain some insightful professional experience working with different companies in diverse fields. I am happy to be back to Bulgaria and to be in such a young and ambitious setting as Pontica.


My Motivation

My motivation comes from being able to put things into perspective and to clearly see the purpose and the expected end results of a task. I am motivated by the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes after a job well done.

Martina after work

I am a hybrid between the person who mainly loves the comfort of their home, and at the same time the person who is constantly on the go in between cities and countries on unexpected and sudden trips. I love Spanish guitar, French pastries, Italian wine, reading, learning languages, going to museums and galleries, and wandering around the streets of unknown destinations by myself.