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People of Pontica – Nadezhda Stiliyanova

Everything is possible for the one who has the patience!

Nadezhda Stiliyanova, Client Success Specialist

My Story

Before Pontica, I was working for a small travel agency and when the Covid-19 crisis came, the tourism sector got seriously damaged and this was the time when I discovered Pontica and started to work there. I got so lucky in this particular period. I am so glad and thankful for the opportunity to be part of Pontica as it is one of the most positive companies I have ever worked for. My professional background as an employee is mostly from the United States where those of us who have already been there know that this is a country with a very positive vibe and a lot of nice people. The best memories of my life are from working there in such a pleasant environment, which I have now found in Pontica where I am currently working for the Stuart project.


My Motivation

I get inspired by good and optimistic people, which I have found in Pontica. Every day is a challenge, but we support each other a lot, work with pleasure and laugh all the time.

Nadezhda after work

After work, I love going out with friends, no matter if it is going to be for a walk in the center of Sofia or for a coffee/bar/restaurant. I like spending time out of home and also going to the mountains as they are my favorite calm and relaxing place. Nevertheless, I also adore the sea as my hometown is Varna. My other favorite things to do in my free time are reading psychological books, travelling and shopping.