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People of Pontica – Neli Lefterova

I truly believe that the people are the company's biggest asset.

Neli LefterovaTeam Manager

My Story

I have always been a big fan of the Italian language and foreign cultures in general. For this reason I started learning Italian on my own without a teacher. In order to improve my Italian language skills, I suddenly felt adventurous and took a chance on an opportunity that laid ahead of me. I went abroad and I was travelling in the Caribbean sea for 6 months. Once I returned, I was sure that my next step was heading towards the BPO sector. Before joining Pontica’s team, I was working as a Supervisor for one of the biggest BPO companies, managing a team of 50 people. I decided to start my journey with Pontica more than a year ago, as I was looking for a new challenge. I currently manage an online lottery project and I have to confess that the work is very interesting, and I face new challenges every day.

My Motivation

I was impressed to find in Pontica Solutions so many professionals. Everyone here is not only pros in their area, but they are also very friendly and outgoing. Every day at the office is very beneficial for me as I learn new things constantly and enjoy the communication with my colleagues. I truly believe that the people are the biggest asset for the company.

Neli after work

I really enjoy travelling, I’ve been to many places all over the world, but my biggest passion remains Italy. I’m absolutely obsessed with their culture, cuisine and lifestyle. I also like reading or watching movies at my home. Good friends are always more than welcome for a glass of wine, good cheese and a nice chat.