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People of Pontica – Nicole Lekova

Challenges keep me focused.
Nicole Lekova, Customer Service Consultant with German
My Story

After graduating the best German high school in Bulgaria, I decided not to follow the example of my classmates to live abroad, but rather I chose to stay close to my family and friends and still be able to practice my German skills. A couple of weeks before starting my first year at university, a classmate of mine happened to mention how enjoyable it was to work at Pontica Solutions and how quickly he managed to get promoted at the age of only 19. I applied for the ProgressPlay project because I wanted to feel confident and proud of myself. I am more than happy with my decision.

My Motivation

When it comes to me, I get distracted easily. But due to the diversity of the project I have never been so focused. The fact that there is something new to learn on daily basis is another thing that drives my curiosity. My colleagues are so different from each other, either by nationality or general attitude and yet all of them are so amazing that I am always happy to spend the whole day with them.

Nicole after work

After work I either go home and have dinner with my family or go out with my friends. We all study in different universities and there is always something new to share and laugh about when we hang out.