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People of Pontica – Nikola Sokolov

Success is behind the next door, try again!

Nikola Sokolov, Client Success Manager with French

My Story

I grew up in Spain around bright streets full of happy and smiling people. Having emigrated out of necessity rather than pleasure gave me the opportunity to discover both the sweetness and bitterness of life. I took the challenge to explore different cultures leaving behind family and friends. As a metaphor, I can say my soul is Spanish, my heart Bulgarian and France is in my mind.

For me live is measurable by how many big goals or dreams can you achieve. It’s more about the journey than the destination. Everything in life is achievable if you are willing to pay the price and put in all the effort. I always had Varna in my heart and I felt that something was missing when I was living abroad, so I decided to come back to Bulgaria and discover what this missing part was. Last year I heard that Pontica will open a brand-new office in Varna, they were launching a new project and expecting a fast growth, which sounded great to me.


My Motivation

Today I feel my team as close as my close friends and I want to thank them for making this experience unique! We build the project from its pillars to the top. The part I like the most is the autonomy and the trust Pontica puts in our hands. We can be creative and we know that on the other side someone is listening.

Nikola after work

After work I am working on bringing my own video projects to life. The languages I speak I learned from watching movies all day long. I can say I learned a lot from the cinema industry and now I want to give back the favor. Right now I’m building my own place a.k.a the ”man’s cave” where I can be creative and to deliver videos on a professional level. Soon I will upload the videos on how I have transformed a literal cave into a creative place into my YouTube channel ‘’Reformas Salvajes”, which is empty for now, but soon the videos will be uploaded.