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People of Pontica – Petya Yovcheva

La vie aime celui qui aime la vie!

Petya Yovcheva, Client Success Expert 

My Story

I was on Erasmus Exchange in Lille, France but when the Covid-19 crisis came, I decided to come back to Bulgaria. This was the time when I discovered Pontica and started to work there. I am so happy and grateful for that opportunity. It’s an amazing place with so different and interesting people who are always ready to help you. To be honest, I used to be part of other BPO companies but for me Pontica is one of the most positive companies I have ever worked for.

My professional background as an employee is mostly from BPO companies where the work was more important than the human-beings. I am currently working for the Stuart project with awesome people and I could say that we are a great team.


My Motivation

My motivation is the growth of everyone who is trying to believe in himself and to turn every dream into reality. Those are the optimistic people who are doing their best and are not giving up despite all difficulties.

Petya after work

After work I love to cook, to work out – fly yoga, spinning, jogging and to read crime novels. I love the time spent with my dogs in the mountains and in every possible occasion I try to visit new places.