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People of Pontica – Plamena Radeva

For many years I have been waiting for my life to change, but now I know that life was waiting for me to change.

Plamena Radeva, Customer Care Representative

My Story

I am part of the Elvie project (a big family for me) and I decided to join Pontica for many reasons. I had an inner sense that the project I joined is going to be so close to me, and I wasn’t wrong. Who does not want to work for Pontica? ๐Ÿ˜Š I love the idea!


My Motivation

Life is to be simplified. Live your truth today. Do what you love TODAY! Set your limits today. Life is a choice. Courage. Action.

I feel motivated by people whom Iโ€™m able to learn from and by those who are able to awake my awareness.

Plamena after work

After work, I could be a superhero, a child or just me. I try to manage my time between spending it with my family and having a time only for myself. I love dancing. Music gives me energy.