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People of Pontica – Raya Andonova

Don't fear change. Change the fear.

Raya Andonova, Customer Support Specialist

My Story

During the first lockdown, I was looking for a job, going through websites every day but there weren’t that many ads and options at that time. However, I came across this one ad that stood out – it was about a position in Customer Service, it had evening shifts and flexible hours, so it seemed perfect for me and I applied right away. I am glad I did it because previously I worked at a Customer Service company, so I was already familiar with Stuart which I am happy to be now working for.


My Motivation

I am constantly trying to improve myself in different aspects. There are a lot of goals that I haven’t reached yet, but I am getting there. I like challenges and I believe they can help you look from a different perspective, to see the world from a different angle and this way you can become more open-minded, which can only benefit you.

Raya after work

My main hobby is learning languages. As I already mentioned, I like challenges and being able to see things from different perspectives. In order to learn a foreign language, you also need to understand its culture, i.e. to look at the world from a different angle. This must be why I like Japanese and I started learning it – everything about it is just so much different from what we are used to here. For all of those who might ask if it’s a difficult language, I will say that it is different. There is something difficult about any language but if you really want to learn it and don’t forget why you started or what you like about it, it is not impossible to do it. Maybe the most important part about this is to not get discouraged by things that seem strange and difficult to understand, but to be curious and to not be afraid to search and explore.