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People of Pontica – Richard Rotariu

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. - Leo Tolstoy

Richard Rotariu, Supervisor

My Story

I joined the BPO industry one and a half years ago when I finished my university degree in the UK and moved to Bulgaria. I was looking for a new job 6 months ago as my previous project was closed. I decided to join Pontica shortly after I received the offer as I liked very much the friendly atmosphere that I felt during the interviews as well as the dynamic nature of Stuart – the project I am working for. I was convinced this is the right job for me and I am extremely happy that my choice was Pontica and Stuart. Currently, I am supervising over 20 people and we are working together for better results. My greatest personal achievements are my university degree and my professional development, however, nothing makes me prouder than the daily achievements of my team and their strong will for improvement.


My Motivation

In general, I am a very ambitious person, my career is a priority for me at this point in my life and everything else comes after it. What inspires me the most is the responsibility I have for my team and for the workflow. If anything fails, I am feeling it like a personal failure, therefore, this motivates me to always seek the most efficient ways for improving. Discipline, clear goals, and ambition are the three main cores that are boosting my motivation.

Richard after work

In my free time, I love to travel, this is probably my biggest passion. I already visited most of the European countries and some outside of Europe, my next destinations will be Asia and South America. I also enjoy meeting with friends, learning foreign languages, reading, watching movies, and exploring new activities. I also enjoy meditating and working on my spiritual growth.