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People of Pontica – Samuel Gomes

If you can’t do what you love, learn to love what you do

Samuel Gomes, Supervisor

My Story

I got involved with the Customer Service line of work as a temporary thing. Ten years of dedication later, I ended up in Bulgaria and found a family not only in the project I work for, but in Pontica overall and I couldn’t be happier to be part of it! My dedication also paid off well, as in just 1 year in Pontica I went from specialist to Shift Lead and now to Supervisor.


My Motivation

My motivation comes from within – there is always space and willingness to improve myself! But working alongside amazing, like-minded people makes this improvement much easier and rewarding.

Sam after work

There’s nothing better for me than grabbing a cappuccino, a pack of cigarettes, a book and finding a cozy place to let my mind wander. Also, I try to never miss a sunrise!