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People of Pontica – Shawn Petrov

Without me or within me death is sure/ Yet within you I am life most pure

Shawn Petrov, Junior Quality Specialist

My Story

My working history started when I lived in Berlin. I was introduced to the family business of Real Estate and started working there when I was 15. Later on, something switched and here I am after almost ten years of living abroad, coming back to Bulgaria. The amount of “alien” feeling I had at the start could feed a 5-generation family in India. Eventually, I ended up in the Customer Service world, I spent a few months working here and there for different companies, but something was not clicking properly. I eventually found Pontica Solutions and was introduced to the Stuart project. Oh boy, the place was so colorful and new – it was like a fresh breath. I have met some of the best people on Earth here and continuing to work with them brightens my day.


My Motivation

My biggest motivation core is music. Music can take you in and out of any type of headset you are in.

Shawn after work

I usually play games after work and listen to music, the funny thing in my life is that I can never find a certain hobby. One day I will be tattooing, the other day I will be gardening and eventually, I will end up painting, or maybe even learning another language. Each day I have a different inspiration to do something different and keep my mind occupied with it. I honestly enjoy my life more that way. Different waves every day.