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People of Pontica – Sirma Pandova

The people I work with are the reason I come to work with a big smile.
Sirma Pandova, Key Account Manager
My Story

My story in the BPO sector started 10 years ago as a Customer Support Agent with German in one of the biggest companies in the industry. My fluent German is due to spending 6 years of my childhood in Germany. Over time I also developed my communication and leadership skills, which helped me become a Team Leader. Pontica offered me a career opportunity at the right time, when I was seeking a change and wanted to try something new and exciting – a challenging project for a different type of company and a career development in a young and bright team. I was given the chance to work for one of the top three email service providers in the world. Stepping into the IT industry was a brave move, as I used to manage people mainly in the communications sector, but I can honestly say and feel that Pontica is encouraging personal development and empowering experienced agents.

My Motivation

The people I work with are a great reason to come to work with a big smile every morning. I remember when we started the project with only 3 people and it is amazing how it expanded and now we are more like a big family. Of course, I am also inspired by the daily tasks and strategy I need to implement and work hard to achieve our goals. Being a Key Account Manager of a technical project for more than 2 years is an everyday challenge itself. What also motivates me is how we handle each task with a mature and very professional approach.

Sirma after work

On one side, I am a homebody – I love to spend time with myself at my cosy home where I read books, decorate and do still life painting. On the other side, I am keen on escape rooms and exotic dance classes.