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People of Pontica – Stefan Stoyanov

Not wanting something is as good as having it.

Stefan Stoyanov, QA Specialist

My Story

I’m an IT student from Sofia and I started my career in the BPO sector in 2017. Last year when everything moved online after the first lockdown, I decided to move to Varna to escape the stress in Sofia and I have been living there ever since. I found an open position in Pontica and decided to apply. I got accepted and I really loved the environment that was created in my new office. I learned so much since day one, and I’m really happy with how things turned out.


My Motivation

I love reading and listening to self-help books and I try to live by the principles they teach, for example that you can achieve anything if you put enough time and effort into it.

Stefan after work

I love playing sports, I go to MMA when the gyms are open, I play soccer too. I also like the walks by the sea, watching the waves crash in the shore. I‘m also curious about the nature and I like to read and learn new things.